The Nature of God – 22.03.16

I must first state my position that I’m not an atheist, nor an agnostic. I have a strong suspicion that there is a force that we call God, and that ‘believers’ assign to Him the attributes: omnipotence; omnipresence; omniscience; goodness; justness; etc. Enlightened believers understand that we cannot find the ‘Correct Answer’ to the question of why God would ever let someone rape a four year old innocent child, nor indeed, allow for the suffering and death of all innocent children. Nor can another human being tell you the answer; only God can reveal this to you, personally.

I hold a different view which is that God does not have all the attributes assigned to Him listed above. The physical evidence is that there may be a Vital Force that brings life and all consequent biological phenomena to organic matter, according to Vitalistic Theory – see below:

Vitalistic Theory: The view that life, and all consequent biological phenomena, are due to a ‘Vital Force’ [source: A Dictionary of Science].

If God was omnipotent, He could control the Life Forms that He brings into existence. If He is benevolent and without malice, there is no need to ‘create’ parasitic organisms that disable or kill their hosts, including us, who are meant to have been created in the image of the Holy Trinity [Let Us make man in Our image…..from Genesis 1:26].

Without deluding ourselves, we cannot excuse God for these parasites since there are those that can be just as lethal to some of the smallest creatures that are very unlikely to have ‘Free Will’ –

It’s not that God punishes us for our wrong doings; it’s that He has an infinite imagination and a propensity to bring into existence a humanly unimaginable number and type of organisms. After that, He lets nature take its course.

We humans are capable of the worst cruelties and the best altruistic behaviour, but altruistic behaviour is not exclusive to human beings! I have included just one link of many below:

We do not need to blame God for all the injustice that exists; we need to understand His true nature and examine the empirical evidence, honestly.

Dinos Constantinou


  1. O the human mind! I give up! Why the insistence in trying to figure out our Creator? Because we are ‘smart’. Smart alecs that is! lol. Been there done that! At last, Father said, “If I was to let you in all encompassed in the evil of this world? Your mind cannot take it. Little by little you will come to understand.”

    How true you stated, He reveals things to us personally. I am hoping all my insidious ‘whys’ end today. Perhaps later on I will post the reason for my hope.

    I am glad for your visit. Welcome back any time. Much love, thiaB

  2. As long as we have the faith and power to follow Jesus and God his father, and find the answer to continue our following when things get tough, that is the best way, and that is a good faith to possess. Using the parables of Jesus, we need the good soil and not the rocky soil to grow in during our life. Praise the Lord.

    1. Hello Stephen,

      Thank you for visiting my website and your comment.

      The truth is that I’ve mostly been philosophical about the nature of God as differing doctrine and dogma are held by the myriad of Christian denominations and the individuals within each denomination each have their own understanding – this is the nature of humankind.

      Personally, I try to love God and others as myself – the two Great Commandments. I have my own house but have left my youngest son (aged 42) in charge of it while I have been supporting my 94-year-old mother with ailing health and dementia in her home. It’s very challenging work and I’m not bragging about it but stating some facts.

      I try to be polite and friendly to everyone I meet, especially those who serve us in service industries – it’s so easy to take them for granted and to disregard their equality as human beings and creatures of God.

      Peace and love to you and all readers,


      1. Thank you for your reply Dino’s. May your faith give you and your loved ones daily strength and may God be with you now and forevermore. Amen.

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