The State of it All by Steven Colborne and my response

The State of it All


October 28, 2017 Steven Colborne ChristianityGodMental HealthMorality and EthicsPolitical PhilosophyReflections 4 comments

Britain is broken. Individualism is now the unspoken religion of the masses. There is no fear of God; no love of neighbour. Instead, fearing sickness and death, our citizens ask “How much money can I earn in order to buy security?” And they bully their way to each new promotion, trampling down their neighbour in the process because they see others doing the same, and have no values to guide their conduct.

Most of our emotions are now defined as mental illnesses and are treated with pills that have little effect other than to harm the body and confuse the mind. We have a medical system in chaos, but because we are conditioned to regard doctors are saints, few people speak out about the way capitalism has corrupted healthcare. Doing so would be unpatriotic.

We are a multicultural country now, and we are told to celebrate this. But in truth, we are all confused, lacking identity, and lacking community. We no longer know what it means to be proud of our country; to have a shared sense of purpose. So many voted for Brexit because they are angry about what our society has become.

Since the Second World War, we have enjoyed great privilege and power, but secularism has crept in and gradually we have lost sight of the God who blessed us so richly. To an increasing number of people in British society, God is irrelevant or even offensive.

The coffee shop assistant, on his break, puts his foot up on the chair and plays the sound from his phone loudly. He can’t keep his eyes open. He has had only two hours sleep, as he was out partying for most of the night. He is in no fit state to work. He has no sense that he is a servant; that his conduct matters. He doesn’t value his work – it is just a means to an end. He is a broken soul, in broken Britain.

Reading the papers and checking social media, there are stories about the murder of babies and adults. Everyone is asserting their rights, even the right to kill their offspring, to change their gender, to put themselves first. There is no compassion, but instead, everyone is asking, ‘What about me?’ Every man for himself. Every woman for herself. This is broken Britain.

Families are fragmented and devoid of values. Relationships are about lust and sex rather than mission, humility, and service. So many are confused about gender and sexual orientation, and society’s solution is to offer surgery and pills rather than love and care. Our children’s role models are pop stars who are famous for fame’s sake, not because they have something valuable to offer society.

Our Prime Minister,
bereft of ideas,
speaks of ‘The British Dream’.
It is a fantasy,
there is no such thing;
she is running on empty.

Britain is broken,
and I am so sad
about the state of it all.


I found this post rather depressing and not a true picture of the UK as a whole.

My response on Steven’s site was deleted, so I’ve given it here for anyone who may be interested.

Dear Steven et al,


Steven, I beg you not to delete this post but to let it stand or fall on its own merits or demerits. I mean no harm to anyone and like the Bereans I seek only the truth.


I’d not read the book of Jeremiah before and I must say I found it rather depressing and irrelevant since Christ’s incarnation. If I learnt anything from it, it was that the Hebrews weren’t worthy to be called “God’s chosen race,” so I’d rather not have read it at all. Below is a link for the benefit of anyone like me who hadn’t read the book of Jeremiah:


I think you present a depressing picture of this country, Steven, even though much of what you have written is true. You wrote, “Britain is broken. Individualism is now the unspoken religion of the masses. There is no fear of God; no love of neighbour.” The two great commandments are: to love God with all our hearts, soul, might and mind; and to love our neighbours as ourselves. There is nothing in these commandments about fearing God.


I agree wholeheartedly that the workplace has become as you’ve described, “And they bully their way to each new promotion, trampling down their neighbour in the process because they see others doing the same, and have no values to guide their conduct.” This appears to be the norm for all developed countries of the world as each country is competing in the world marketplace. The proportion of companies that actually care for their workforce is rather small, I think, but generally, government bodies try hardest in all respects.


I agree that our doctors act like representatives of the pharmaceutical companies but it’s not our emotions they are treating; rather it’s what they or society consider to be inappropriate behaviour and this is a corruption of healthcare by capitalism. I believe that it is mostly due to the great influence yielded on us by Freemasonry which pretends to have goodwill for humanity but worships Lucifer (not Satan). You are encouraged to read, “Scarlet and the Beast,” by John Daniel, an ardent Christian with a preference for the KJV of the Bible. Below is a review:


“An outstanding book and remarkable research conducted by the author John Daniel. If you’re looking for the truth this book will really set you on the right path. It helps to put a lot of the pieces of the puzzle together to help you figure out what’s really happening in the world. This book describes and documents the history of the ancient battle between Christianity and the secular humanists’ secret societies and their effects on the history of the world. The author will detail the hidden role of both English and French Freemasonry goal of destroying the Christian religion, and the Islam and Orthodox Jewish religions as well in order to form their socialist one-world “Utopian“ government. An excellent book for historical, religious, and biblical studies, or for anyone else seeking the truth and looking to find the pieces of the puzzle of the spiritual warfare we are all involved in. Thank you and God bless.”


You wrote, “We are a multicultural country now, and we are told to celebrate this.” This is a good thing, Christian surely. Nationalism does not promote Christianity; Christ’s teachings are for the benefit of humanity, not the western world. Many young people with hope in their hearts voted for Britain to remain in Europe and not for Brexit.


You wrote, “The coffee shop assistant, on his break, puts his foot up on the chair and plays the sound from his phone loudly.” This is because he is treated badly by his employer and he is probably on the minimum wage and possibly on a zero hour contract. He is not the servant of the customer but a human being selling you coffee. You have an opportunity to show him kindness and good cheer and maybe he’ll show you a better side of himself. We as Christian customers have a duty to do this, in my view.


You wrote, “Families are fragmented and devoid of values. Relationships are about lust and sex rather than mission, humility, and service.” This is true for a proportion of Britain’s families and couples but I do know of families that are not fragmented and who do live morally good and meaningful lives; some are secularists and some are Christians. I know of couples who have waited until they were married before they consummated their love for each other. I appreciate that this is anecdotal but it is my real experience based not only on what is apparent but on my intuition and perception.


I won’t comment on Theresa May as I’d rather not be political on this Christian site; I reveal only that I’m not a supporter of her nor of the Conservative Party.


Peace and love to all humanity,





  1. Nationalism is tied to money (I believe they call it, for respectability sake if nothing else, a country’s GDP) and money to individualism, the beast biblically called by its number, 666 (in other words as expressed as the total amount of Gold of the great wealth in the coffers of King Solomon) Unfortunately for Christianity, as with, all other religions look into every mouse-hole for secret conspiracy codes of Houdini, Nostradamus, Da Vinci and others, in search of supernatural skew. 666 meaning is what I just told you; you can find it in 1 Kings 10:14.

    You are correct that Jesus message was for humanity not for Nationalists, although at the outset of his campaign he did harken to the tradition of the Jews who would not associate with Samaritans, called the Canaanite woman a dog and Jesus said, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”…The Gentiles were shunned….but Jesus changed course and took the world under wings of his messages.

    In changing course the revolution took on a worldview and included believers and non-believers alike and this is what needs to take place and what has been taking place most recently in mass migration..the older generation rejects the change and the younger generate do not know how to organize it with enough sufficiency to avoid the haters who are reared in every generation, people, tongue and nation.

    The mantra should be “Humanity Uniting Humans” (HUH) instead of people assimilating. But that’s a tough management call when the main, and oftentimes intractable traditions; in many cases, unable or unwilling to change a language, food, religion and traditions regarding sex, gender discrimination, inequality, justice and imprisonment rules. There is a long learning curve to overcome, what tradition has bound us to since childhood and breaking free for the tyranny that permeates every culture, everywhere, is a huge challenge when killing apparatuses abound amidst egocentric mindsets chiseled in stone. And the mindsets stone cold devoid of compassion.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, Leo, and I agree there’s a mountain to climb. It’s like people have got so used to capitalism they can’t or don’t want to see another way to elevate humanity. Fear is a big factor too so countries go through the mystical process of casting their votes in the name of democracy and the arms dealers remain unchecked whatever the colour of the elected government.

      Love to all humanity,

  2. Jason has banned me from the Theosophical website and the following is his rationale on the topic:

    What Morally Justifies God’s Permission of Evil?.

    Jason said:
    “…….This thread has nearly 600 comments, and most of them have nothing to do with the problem of evil, so I’m shutting down comments on this thread

    Unfortunately, with my schedule, I rarely review comments and people have been able to get away with breaking them for a long time. It has never been my desire to ban anyone from commenting on the site because I like to keep the channels of communication as open as possible. However, there are some commentators who repeatedly violate the rules, hijacking the threads to suit their own interests, and have been doing so for years. So, regrettably, for the first time in this blog’s history, I am going to ban commentators.

    I’m starting with one but will expand the pool if necessary…..

    Just to clarify, no one will ever be banned for disagreeing with me. I welcome disagreement. But that disagreement must be respectful, and one must stay on topic. I recognize that sometimes, while in dialogue, other issues must be discussed in order to resolve the topic at hand. However, the goal is always to come back to the original topic, not to follow rabbit trail after rabbit trail. So please, stick to the topic and remain cordial. Thank you.”

    Of course from my point of view, the Bible is a Book of Rabbit Holes.

    I am that one banned, not the only one straying off topic but the one being banned. The only person who relished the idea is Scalia who has always been trying to police the “off topic” sin with his constant “off topic” comments to users who dared mention other topics in their comments..

    Scalia fancies himself a Christian “Supreme” Scholar who demands adherence to the topic only without tangential offshoots which to me is impossible in any discussion except for single-minded, one-opinion sentences so Scalia can push his academic acumen comments.

    Scalia used the former username ID AlitoScalia based on two of the most conservative and religious Supreme Court Justices in the USA.

    Antonin Gregory Scalia; devout Roman Catholic. March 11, 1936 – February 13, 2016) was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1986 until his death in 2016.

    Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. Roman Catholic is still on the Supreme Court Bench since Jan 31, 2006. He’s 68

    I am now preparing a list of my posts from over the last 6 years on Jason site and submit the list to WordPress as copyright infringement and demand a takedown from the website which I believe that Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice will obligate them to do.

    If you ban the author you cannot keep his material

    Take care

    1. Hi Leo!

      I’ve ‘come a cropper’ several times myself on various websites, eg Wintery Knight’s.

      Luckily, I’ve copied most of your more interesting posts on Jason Dulle’s website into word files. I hope you don’t mind? I use them for inspiration and not for plagiarism.

      The one thing I try very hard to do is to remain courteous and polite; we’re all human and vary a lot in how egotistical (sometimes narcissistic, or even solipsistic) we can be, as we defend our opinions as though we are defending ourselves. I too am guilty of this on occasions.

      I don’t mind people who struggle with English for whatever reason as long as I can understand what they write. I have a harder time tolerating people who persist in using obscure words to baffle readers in order to show off and I prefer the use of plain English just as I prefer plain and simple food.

      My primary goal is to understand and to be understood; in other words, to communicate in a meaningful way and I don’t care if I lose the argument because opinions are just that – they’re not who we are, in my view.

      I hope this is clear and I’m not trying to pass my own wisdom (if I have any) to people like you who I consider to be wise, imaginative and thoughtful.

      Peace and love to all humanity,

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